PT. PATRA DINAMIKA (PADI) was established in 1994.
PADI started Under Water Services business activity in 1998 initially as Diving Service provider and within one decade out standing development made in particular related with ROV and OFFSHORE SURVEY Services.
As a company which highly respects professionalism with satisfaction orientation and customer trust, hence Vision and Mission PADI as follows

Vision and Mission

Vision :
“ To be a reliable maritime services provider company having high competitive capability Nationally and Internationally as well “

Mission :
“ Providing under water services through all potential optimization based on professionalism and client satisfaction responsibility “

For the attainment of company Vision and Mission, PADI applies to arrange Values as follows;

1. Always provide services PROFESSIONAL of service quality.
2. RESPONSIVE in fulfilling customer expectation.
3. CONSISTENT in keeping the promises.
4. PRO-ACTIVE to improve communications and braid partnership with all parties for mutual profit cooperation.
5. Always improve the CAPABILITY in anticipating market competition.

PATRA DINAMIKA (PADI) is A member of international associations, ADCI (Association Of Diving Contractors International) and also IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association).

Other qualification;
1. Certificate ISO 9001-2008.
2. Certificate of Recognition (American Bureau Shipping)
3. Chamber Of Commerce Industry
4. Directorate General Oil and Gas
5. Directorate General of Sea Communication.

The management of PATRA DINAMIKA will maintain a vigorous Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) program and provide its employees with a safe work environment at the same time the company requires full cooperation from each employees in promoting safe work practices and compliances with company and government rules and regulations.
The management of PATRA DINAMIKA goal in Safety, Health and Environmental is the reduction of accident / incidents that may cause human distress, material lost and environmental damage.
To achieve this goal the Safety, Health and Environmental program should have equal priority to production.
PATRA DINAMIKA DOES NOT VIEW Safety, Health and Environmental as an auxiliary function, but as an integral part of the decision-making and planning function for every company activity.

In line with Vision and Mission of the company, Management of PT. Patra Dinamika has specified the Quality Policy with statement that We are PT. PATRA DINAMIKA work for customer satisfaction by implementation of quality management system and will continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness for prosperity of life together


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