Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Remote Operating Vehicle is becoming the good options for underwater services right now. Our company have two vehicles called Mojave and Triton. Mojave can be used for underwater observations with maximum 300 meters depth while Triton is handling underwater jobs with the complicated task and deeper journey area until 3000 meters.

Diving Work

Underwater services will not be success without support from all the divers that involved in a project. Our commitment is always providing divers with well experienced, qualified, and good manners to client. We have two main categories of diving work which is Air Diving and Mixed Gas Diving.

Diving & Platform Support Vessel (DSV)

In underwater companies, vessels are used for supporting the underwater project especially in shipping process of equipment and tools to project site. We always support our client by providing vessels that qualified to the standards and requirements. Two vessels that our company have are Patra Marine 3801 and Patra Offshore.

Underwater Survey

As a maritime country, Indonesia has area covered with sea bigger than with land. This condition makes our company tries to improving the business scope in underwater services which is survey. The purpose of survey is to know the actual condition of underwater contour.

Offshore Support

Patra Dinamika have been involved in supporting offshore project especially in oil and gas industries for many years. We have many clients from Indonesian company like Pertamina Hulu Energi & Kangean Energy and Petronas & Premier Oil as overseas company.

Maintainance & Repair System

Keeping a machine in good condition, performance, and function it’s a must in our company. We have Planned Maintenance System (PMS) that consist of Preventive, Corrective, and Repair systems depend on the condition of the machine. It is our commitment to give our best services for clients.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Our ROV Systems are the most proven and reliable choise for subsea work applications and project support. For example: Pipeline-Platform Survey-Inspection, Spot Cleaning, Structure Inspection, Annual Inspection, Site Survey, and Debris Inspection

Diving Work

The procedures are often regulated by legislation and codes of practice as it is an inherently hazardous occupation and the diver works as a member of a team. The best known of which is probably Commercial Diving and its specialised applications: Video survey and photography, cutting and welding, cleaning (water jetting system), cold cutting, sand blasting, pipeline repair & rectification, and supporting for construction installation works.

Diving & Platform Support Vessel (DSV)

Our vessel is fuel efficient and good capacities for transporting supplies, such as fuel, drilling rig, and enough deck cargo spacefor offshore production and underwater maintenance facilities. Our Vessel also using for diving support, platform supply, hydrographic, bathymetric & seabed mapping, and geotechnical.

The Whole Supports From Our Customer Has Made This Company Become An Excellence and Trusted National Company In Under Water Technique Business

In line with the vision and mission, this company is always be trying to be a company which always develops quality of professional services in under water technique business in order to take care of the customer trust.

Client’s Testimonials

We Are Always To Be Your Underwater Work Solution Partner

We Produce or Supply Goods, Services, And Also Sources

Since we was established in 1994. Our company started Underwater Services business activity in 1998 initially as diving service provider and within one decade out standing development made in particular related with ROV and Offshore Survey Services. As a company which highly respects professionalism with satisfaction orientation and customer trus, hence Vision and Mission this company as follows.

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