PADI services are reserved to fulfill the requirement of offshore industry, especially for Oil and Gas industry, Construction as Offshore Structure, submarine pipeline and other facility in offshore and near shore, which is under water, on the sea bed or which is buried in the sea bed.

Some special services from PADI which have been conducted are as follows;

Underwater Inspection and Certification.
PADI can do the inspection and certification of structure at near short(ex. jetty) and also in offshore, supported by experienced and professional personnel and partner in Engineering service and PJIT (third party surveyor) with Directorate General of MIGAS standard.

Under Water Dry Welding System.
Technology of Underwater Dry Welding is not new matter in the diving world. Welding by using this technology can yield the excellent quality of welding.
Supported by expert and professional partner, this technology have been developed and applicable more easy and simple from the previously method.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair/Remedial Works.
In the services related to the Installation work, Maintenance work and Repair work of offshore facility and also near shore, PADI besides having the service but also can provide required materials (for example; Sacrificial Anode, Impress Current, Retropod Anode, Tape of Coat and Under Water Paint)

One of problems of submarine pipeline is the presence of cavity (free span) between pipe and seabed, which is on certain boundary of the pipeline have to be supported ( to be given supporting) and the solution is with installation of grout-bag by diver and or by using R.O.V.
PADI also provides the material of grout-bagging.

PADI operational region National and International which fully supported by expert and professional Partner and also exploiting of tehnologi as well.
A Whole Product Service of PT. PATRA DINAMIKA at the moment divided into 3 groups of services; DIVING – R.O.V – OFFSHORE SURVEY.


Diving Services (Surface Supplied Air and Mixed Gas Diving)
» Underwater Maintenance and Repair.
» Underwater Installation and Engineering.
» Underwater Construction and Pipe Lying Support.
» Underwater Survey.
» Underwater Digital Photography.
» Underwater Digital Video Recording.
» Underwater NDT Inspection and Certification.
    - Magnetic Particle Inspection.
    - Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurements.
    - Cathodic Protection Measurement
- Marine Growth Measurement.
- Scouring and Debris Survey.
- Riser & Riser Clamp Inspection
- UT. Scan.
» Public Work.
- Underwater Dry and Wet Welding.
- Underwater Oxy Cutting / Burning and Cool Cutting
- Underwater Explosive / Demolition
- Underwater Cleaning (Water Jetting and Grid Blasting System)
- Underwater Painting, Coating and Wrapping.
- Underwater Grout bag and Sandbag (pipeline support)

ROV Services.
» Underwater Inspection & Survey of Offshore Structure, Cable & Pipeline
(Bathymetry, Deformation Measurement, free Span and High Span etc.)
» Underwater Video Recording and Photography.
» Underwater Maintenance, Repair and Installation.
» Underwater Pipeline Rectification.
» Underwater Cleaning.

Offshore Survey Services.
» Navigation / Geodetic
» Geophysical
- Side Scan Sonar
- Echo-sounder
- Magnetometer
- Sub Bottom Profiling
- Seismic
» Oceanography
- Tide Gauge
- Wave Recorder
- Current Meter

Equipment and Machineries.
» Surface Supply Air and Mixed Gas Diving Spreads
Underwater NDT Inspection Equipment :
- Cathodic Potential Meter (Bathycorrometer),
- Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Meter (Cygnus-1)
- M.P.I. Set (Permanent and electro) Magnet.
- Clyno Meter.
» Additional Supporting Equipment & Machineries :
- Video Camera.
- Digital Still Camera c/w 100m Underwater Housing.
- Water Jetting System (max. 15.000psi)
- Sand Blasting
- Dry and Wet Welding System.
- Oxy (broco) and Cool Cutting.
» Survey Vessel
- Navigation
- Geophysical
- Oceanography.
» OFFSHORE SURVEY Equipments :
- Gyro Compass
- Distance Measurement
- Optical Measurement and Navigation
- Single and Multi Beam Echo-sounder
- Side Scan Sonar, Magnetometer
- Gravity meter
- Seismic (Sound & Energy Sources, Streamer, Data Recorder and Seismic Soft Ware), Tide Gauge, Wave Recorder and Weather Station Monitor
» Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
» Survey and Engineering SOFTWARE

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